Positivity at Work is steeped in the principles of positive psychology. Each of our eight workshops explores the evidence-based topics aimed at building a positive work culture.

While some clients book all eight workshops, others choose from among the topics to tailor a program for their organizations’ specific needs.


Instill your workforce with coping skills in order to better handle setbacks.


Explore three types of motivation, focusing on the positive outcomes of intrinsic motivation.

Positive Emotions

Learn how displays of positive emotion can create an upward spiral that promotes optimism within an organization.

Meaning & Purpose

Consider and pinpoint what values strengthen your employees experience of meaning and purpose in the workplace.


Identify and explore how balancing your employees skill levels with the challenge of the task contributes to them being highly engaged in their work.

Positive Relationships

Discover how positive relationships can make the difference between a thriving business and a struggling enterprise.


Recognize how expressing gratitude fosters high levels of optimism and generosity, translating to success at work.

Character Strengths

Cultivate increased levels of productivity by developing strengths-based teams.