In this current climate of bleak and alarming news, it’s a challenge to remember things for which we can be thankful. Why do we complain about what we don’t have more often than giving thanks for what we do have?  How do we learn to shift our focus from grumbling to gratefulness in the workplace?

Expressing gratitude is not as simple as saying, “Thank you.” It involves recognizing what has been given or offered, acknowledging the effort of another, and expressing the benefits to you as the recipient. Only then can we fully reap the benefits of gratitude.

A workplace culture infused with gratitude leads to higher levels of optimism, fosters strong relationships, increases creativity, and stimulates generosity.


This workshop explores the many benefits of expressing gratitude at work—both giving and receiving. We discuss the “how” of gratitude and brainstorm ways to elevate the use of gratitude at work.