Positive Psychology Program

Zone Positive was created to help spread the awareness and application of Positive Psychology beyond the academic institutions offering this new curriculum.  By offering convenient and affordable online courses developed around the principle theories of the science, we hope to introduce the goals and benefits of using Positive Psychology to individuals as well as practitioners in a wide variety of fields.

Formatted to appeal to a range of learning styles!

Each course is offered through an online video which means you can take the course in the comfort of your home or office and follow along at a pace that is right for you.

Each course is devoted to a specific theory within Positive Psychology.  You can watch our 60-75 minute video presentation pausing along the way for practical exercises.

A work book is included as an accompaniment to the video; it can be printed out and used for referencing (key points from the video are included here), note-taking and for the completion of exercises explained in the presentation.

Each course has been specifically developed to appeal to different learning styles.  A combination of text, graphics, images and videos are used throughout the presentation along with hands-on exercises to create an insightful and engaging learning experience.  Each course takes about 2-3 hours to complete depending on how long you spend on the video and  exercises.

Take our free introductory course on positive psychology as a starting point, then take any one or more of the courses we offer to deepen your understanding of the field. The course overview provides a descriptive summary of each course we offer.

I just viewed the 10 minute introduction.  It was spot on. I hope to view all of the courses in the near future.  The research has been pulled together in such a practical manner – it will be a valuable resource to practitioners like me and most especially to my career clients. I’d even consider buying a few courses as gifts.

Lisa Jacobson, HR & Career Consultant, www.workplacesolutionstampa.com